Image by Roseanne Olson

Image by Roseanne Olson

Alison teaches home cheesemaking classes, cheese and wine tasting classes, holds roving cheese shops at locations around town and has teamed back up with Karin Collins for a series of tasting classes and a few dinners to boot!


NEW! I am proud to be partnering with Chateau Ste Michelle on a series of Cheese & Wine Pairing Sessions in their glorious the theater!



Homemade Fresh Cheeses at Seattle Farm School




Home Creamery and Cheese Course Classes at The Pantry

New Class added!




Seattle Farm School teaching the joy and pride of handmade and homegrown. In this class, you'll learn the basics of fresh cheese and learn to make chèvre, ricotta, and fresh mozzella. 


I will be teaching classes on fresh cheesemaking at home and cheese and wine paring at The Pantry in Ballard:

The Home Creamery: Soft Cheeses:  Come learn the basics of fresh cheese making, using direct acids and cultures, and how to source cheese-making equipment and ingredients as you make ricotta, goat cheese, and fresh mozzarella.

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The Cheese Course: Love cheese? Want to learn more about it? Who doesn’t! In this educational tasting course, I will guide you through the essentials of cheese knowledge, from the udder to the curd. Tasting will include 10–12 cheese selections, with wine pairings, from some of the world’s best-known cheese-producing regions, alongside some of the stellar cheeses being produced here in the United States.

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