Alison takes a creative and flexible approach in helping her clients achieve their goals. Determining the specific nature of a goal is the first phase of discovery—from the initial idea to gathering information to editing and tweaking the project until it is agreed that the desired outcomes are very clear.

Often the initial objective for a client alters after a period of distilling and refining issues and potential solutions. Ideally those solutions are not short-term fixes but long-term remedies. Alison may say “here’s what I see you need, but let’s figure out what is really going to work for you.”

She strives to lay a strong foundation, providing structure that isn’t stifling with sensible accountability, and a little good-natured nipping at the heels to keep her clients motivated. Alison pursues solutions that are sustainable for clients when she is no longer a part of the team and it is essential to her that she creates a structure and system that works well for long-term growth and continued success.

Her services include both business development and culinary education. Below is a basic list of services ~ feel free to get in touch to discuss details and see if your project is a good fit.

Business Development

  • Artisan Cheese, Food & Beverage Project Management
  • Operations Improvement & Expense Reduction
  • Non-Profit Management & Development
  • Development of Local Sustainable Food & Farming Initiatives
  • Specialty Food & Retail Business Development
  • Sourcing
  • Staff Development, Team Building, Recruiting
  • Menu Analysis & Development
  • Board Facilitation

Education Services

  • Culinary Educator: Cheese & Wine Tasting classes for the general public & culinary professionals
  • Nutrition Education for multi-grade environments & all age ranges, including Curricula Development
  • Staff Training & Education




"Venturing into retail sales was a whole new ball of wax for me.  Alison helped me make sense of numbers, look, marketing and more.  It's always helpful to have someone else's eye on your product, to see it how your intended audience would.  Alison was the right choice for that."
Lisa Nakamura, Owner & Chef, Gnoochi Bar