Non-Profit & Project Management

Alison was instrumental in establishing the Flagship Foundation in 2006 a free nutrition education class targeted to fourth and fifth grade classrooms in the Puget Sound region and New York City. She eventually served as its Executive Director. 

During that time, she created the curricula for the Flagship Foundation, now called the Pure Food Kids Workshop. She aligned all curricula and supporting documents to Washington State’s Educational Academic Learning Requirements (E.A.L.R.’s) and worked with Washington State’s Office of Public Instruction aligning materials to become a recommended program for all fifth grade classrooms to support nutrition education Classroom Based Assessments. The Bellevue School district teachers voted to make the Pure Food Kids Workshop part of its nutrition curricula and it has been taught in every fifth grade classroom since 2006. Since the first workshop in 2006, the program has reached more than 60,000 students in hundreds of schools in the greater Puget Sound region.

Alison continued in 2011 as the Recruiting Manager for Sugar Mountain, parent company of Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Pasta & Co, Bennett’s, Liam’s, Maximus / Minimus, Mishima Reserve, and the Pure Food Kids Foundation. She coordinated with 17 hiring managers to identify, recruit, and hire candidates across seven business units nationwide. She managed recruitment and company culture training while Sugar Mountain experienced rapid growth over four years, opening three new retail and restaurant locations and one new wholesale division on both sides of the country. Additionally, she developed and engaged an annual employee evaluation process to provide supportive and actionable employee reviews, including a 360-degree peer review process and collaborated with hiring managers and operational teams to develop and employ team building and positive business culture tactics across all units.